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รศ.ดร. พันทิพา ทิพย์วิวัฒน์พจนา

Phantipa Thipwiwatpotjana , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: MATH 1208/5
Phone: 02-218-5153
Fax: 02-255-2287


Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics) University of Colorado at Denver, USA
M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) Clemson Universty, USA
B.Sc. (Mathematics) Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Research Area 

Field: Optimization & Operations Research

Optimization under Uncertainty



Conference Proceedings

  1. P. Boodgumarn and P. Thipwiwatpotjana“Extended Conditions for Transforming a Probability Interval to a Random Set” In Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting in Mathematics (AMM), pp. 371-383, 14-16 March 2013
  2. กนกกาญจน์ สุขศรี และ พันทิพา ทิพย์วิวัฒน์พจนา, “การพยากรณ์ราคาหลักทรัพย์ทีวีโอ โดยตัวแบบสลับมัธยฐานแบบถ่วงน้ าหนัก” การประชุมวิชาการทางคณิตศาสตร์ประจําปี 2556 (ครั้งที่ 18), หน้า 507-519, 14 – 16 มีนาคม พ.ศ. 2556
  3. P. Thipwiwatpotjana, W.A. Lodwick, “The relationship between a probability interval and a random set”, in: Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 2011. NAFIPS 2011. Annual Meeting of the North American, IEEE, 2011.
  4. P. Thipwiwatpotjana and W. A. Lodwick, “The Use of Interval-Valued Probability Measures in Fuzzy Linear Programming: a constraint set”, In Proceedings of International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress/ European Society of Fuzzy Logic and Technology (IFSA/EUSFLAT),pp. 321-326, 2009
  5. P. Thipwiwatpotjana and W. A. Lodwick, “Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems using Interval-Valued Probability Measure”,In Proceedings of Fuzzy Information Processing Society , 2008. NAFIPS 2008, Annual Meeting of the North American. IEEE, 2008


  1. P. Thipwiwatpotjana and W. A. Lodwick, “Pessimistic, Optimistic, and Minimax Regret Approaches for Linear Programs Under Uncertainty”, Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making (accepted 10 Sep 13)
  2. P. Boodgumarn , P. Thipwiwatpotjana and W. A. Lodwick, “When a Probability Interval is a Random Set” ScienceAsia, Vol 39, pp. 319-326, 2013
  3. P. Thipwiwatpotjana and W. A. Lodwick, “A Relationship between Probability Interval and  Random Sets and Its Application to Linear Optimization with Uncertainties” Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Vol 231C, pp. 45-57, 2013 (DOI: 10.1016/j.fss.2013.03.015)
  4. P. M. Dearing and P. Thipwiwatpotjana, “One-Center Location with Block and Euclidean Distance”, J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol.,111, No. 2, pp. 89-96, 2006

Address : Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330
Tel : +66(0)2-218-5141-2
Fax : +66(0)2-255-2287

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