Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science
Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University

Message from Department Head

Professor Dr. Kritsana Neammanee

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Chulalongkorn University was founded on January 30, 1933 as the first mathematics department in the nation that has been producing quality mathematics graduates in both undergraduate and graduate levels.  Later, it has been producing computer science graduates in every level as well. The department is committed to 4 main missions:

  1. To continuously produce quality graduates in mathematics, applied mathematics, and computer science with international-level knowledge and good moral character that benefits the society.
  2. To produce research works in mathematics and computer science with international quality standard.
  3. To provide educational services to Chulalongkorn university students in various fields that need basics in mathematics.
  4. To collaborate with external organizations to solve problems and help developing the country using knowledge in mathematics and computer science.

With coorperativeness from the faculty team and the support from all organizations, we will earnestly stay committed to the main missions.