Thesis/Dissertation Defense

ภาควิิชาคณิตศาสตร์และวิทยาการคอมพิวเตอร์ คณะวิทยาศาสตร์

required documents for thesis/dissertation defense

  • informatory defense letter form
  • thesis/dissertation format check form
  • defense request form
  • instructions for on-line submission, which can be downloaded from

scheduling of defense

The maximum time limit to take the thesis and dissertation defense is 8 and 12 semesters for all MS and PhD students, respectively, starting from the first day of admission.  This does not include any approved study leaves.

last day for thesis/dissertation defense to graduate in the same semester

fall semester       before September 20 or by the academic announcement
spring semester  before April 20 or by the academic announcement

last day to submit the complete thesis/dissertation write-up to graduate in the same semester

fall semester       before October 15
spring semester  before May 15

steps in thesis/dissertation defense

  1. consult the academic advisor for the completeness of research work.
  2. invite the same examination committee as the prospectus one.  The committee must consist of
    • 3-5 members for MS candidate, and 5-7 members for PhD candidate; and
    • should there be any replacement on individual committee members, the student must file a request for replacement to the administrative secretary at least one month prior to the actual defense.
    The student must ensure a definite examination time and date; complete the defense examination request and schedule forms and signed by the academic principal advisor, program director prior to submitting them to the administrative secretary.
  3. the administrative secretary will send an informatory examination letter to each committee member within 3-5 days after all relevant documents are submitted.  The student must deliver the final thesis/dissertation draft and informatory examination letter to all interior examiners in person within one month prior to the scheduled defense.  On the other hand, the student only delivers the final thesis/dissertation draft to the exterior examiner.  The informatory examination letter will be issued and signed by the Department Chair and sent via postal mail, one copy to the exterior examiner and the other to his/her affiliation.
  4. the administrative secretary will reserve a room for the defense examination.
  5. access to fill out the cover page of thesis/dissertation documentation packet.
  6. submit the thesis/dissertation write-up for format check to Graduate School.
  7. carry out the actual examination.
  8. the student must correct the prospectus according to what is recommended by the examination committee.
  9. get all the relevant signatures on the final thesis/dissertation write-up and submit it according to the announced procedures by Graduate School.