Dissipative Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Flow of a Continuously Moving Plate Through a Porous Medium With Constant Heat and Mass Flux

CJM Vol. 9 (December 2017), pp. 13 – 34.


The dissipative effects on heat and mass transfer of natural convection about a continuously moving vertical plate bounding fluid saturated porous medium on one side in presence of magnetic field with constant heat and mass flux has been studied. The plate is subjected to a constant suction with heat and mass flux. The governing equations are solved by perturbation method and the pertinent findings are represented through graphs. It is interesting to note that the magnetic parameter has a retarding effect on velocity profiles, temperature profiles and skin friction coefficient in the presence of porous matrix. The effect of increasing the permeability of the porous medium enhances velocity, temperature and skin friction. Further, it is observed that the effect of increasing dissipative heat parameter is to accelerate the temperature and skin friction coefficient.

Full Paper (PDF): 
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