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Double-Degree Master’s Program in Computational Science with Kanazawa University

Double-Degree Master’s Program in Computational Science with Kanazawa University, Japan (2012-Present)

MOU – Agreement

  1. Application (schedule, documents): See guideline DDP 2017 (PDF)

  1. Tuition fee and scholarship (CU/KU)

  • Tuition fee and regulation
  • CU tuition fee scholarship
  • KU partial support scholarship
  1. Study time (Semesters at CU and KU)

  • First year (Semesters 1 and 2) at Chulalongkorn University.
  • Second year (Semesters 1 and 2) at Kanazawa University.
  • Third Year (Semester 1) at Chulalongkorn University.
  1. Transfer credits (course work, distance learning)

  • CU course work (24+18): 6 credits can be transferred from KU as 2 elective courses + 9 thesis credits as distance learning
  • Document of credits from KU (transcript + letter) are required for transfering the credits
  • Students register as CU regular students every semester.
  1. Research/Thesis (KU topics, KU Professors)

  • CU and KU thesis are different (2 topic/2 thesis)
  • CU/KU provide document to confirm the different of thesis
  1. Degree Completion (regulation)

  • Complete all requirements of both CU and KU.
  • Documents of expected of graduation is required from CU to KU.

Student study plan for CU students

  1. Time at CU + course work

    Semester 1: (Aug-Dec)

Course work: 2301520, 2301611, 2301xxx, 2301xxx, 2301xxx

    Semester 2: (Jan-May)

Course work: 2301624, 2301xxx; Thesis work 6 credit

  1. Time at KU + course work

    Semester 1: (Sep-Mar) 4-6 course works

    Semester 2: (Apr-Aug) 4-6 course works

  1. Thesis work, seminar, distant learning

    Seminar: 2301771, 2301772

    Thesis credits:(<= 9 credits)

    Progressive Seminar: Aug/Jan